Asian Women's Support Service

Tel: 0113 203 8893

Welcome, Sat Sri Akal, Namasate, As-Salamu Alaykum to Dosti's Website

  Its been a great journey for Dosti highlighted by winning the National "Special Award in Community Service" from Asian Lite in June 2012. Our focus has steered towards developing our specialist services for black minority ethnic particularly Asian women who are marginalised and most in need.

What is Dosti:

Dosti is a safe and Confidential support service improving Asian women's mental health in Leeds.

Offers culturally appropriate activities promoting a programme of mental health recovery.

Staff who speaks various Asian Languages and have expertise in mental health

Therapetic indiviual/groups support which is specific to meet the diverse needs of Asain women.

It means Friendship in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarti. women can meet and form friendship.

We provide therapeutic support in the following ways



Mother's group with Creche

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Testimonials/Case Studies